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As Jack the Ripper said, watching TV:
"I was a freak. Today, I am an amateur. The future… is what I am."
The 1888 Whitechapel serial killings were embellished by Victorian music hall melodies. And in the year 2013, Black Ganion is the soundtrack of our chaotic lives.
Let us get connected to the internet-the gory graphics that appear on the screen reveal the mankind’s innate love to destroy and kill. The Arab revolts (intifada) and the Rumanian revolution are said to be gallant quests for freedom. However, the rocks they threw struck the skulls of the oppressors, and the bullets penetrated the dictator and his wife. Even freedom must be painted in blood. Such is the nature of man.
Since its inception in 2003, Black Ganion, the ‘super metamorphosis grinder’, has turned the voice of the voiceless into ear-shattering noise and screams, hurling them to the world. The knee-deep sludge rends itself into furious grindcore, and the chilly dub cuttings morph into doom riffs and chaotic murkiness. Their collaboration with GOTH-TRAD on Method is regarded as one of the first ever successful chimaera of extreme music and dubstep.
Still, their music is not just a showcase of musical genres. Their inconsistency in musical styles shows the true musical identity of the band. The same can be said for the listeners – they must abandon the stylized routine moshings, and free their instincts. Black Ganion on stage is an epitome of modern society, the feast of freedom and aggression.
Following the release of the EP HAKKYO and the live CD BLASPHEMY PACK, the first full length album FIRST was unleashed to the world in 2007. As the live LP LIVE AT HUCK FINN “REST IN PEACE... AI” and the split CD with Laudanum ULTRASONIC GENERATOR SCEMATIC ensued, they shared the stage with overseas bands like Brutal Truth, Asunder, Sunn o))), Electric Wizard, Om, Kylesa, Nails and Total Fucking Destruction, resulting in their own vivid metamorphoses. In 2013, the band marks its tenth anniversary with the album SECOND.
Terrorism, wars, revolts. We are heading into the world of confusion. SECOND is a realistic portrayal of the age that we live in. There is no longer a line between ordinary lives and warzones. Black Ganion is the music of the frontlines.

Tomoyuki Yamazaki
May 2013